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How to build an author brand


In the literary realm, your author brand is a visual testament to your professionalism.

An author's brand communicates dedication, reliability, and a commitment to quality.


Consider this: readers often judge a book by its cover. Similarly, they form opinions about you and your work based on your author's brand. A professionally crafted logo, consistent design elements, and an aesthetically pleasing online presence speak volumes about your commitment to your craft.


Step 1

Stunning Book Cover


Picture this: you've poured your heart and soul into creating a literary masterpiece. It's time to bring your creation to the world, but hold on tight! Before you take that leap, you must have a professionally polished product that effortlessly rises above the competition—the key lies in the irresistible allure of your book cover, the ultimate weapon in your marketing arsenal.


Imagine a cover that commands attention, tailored precisely to your manuscript, meticulously crafted to captivate your target audience within your genre's expectations. By seamlessly blending the latest trends in graphic design with the unique essence of your story, your book cover becomes a gateway to success—a symbol of quality that promises a remarkable reading experience.


Without this perfectly curated visual masterpiece your hard work could be lost in an ocean of overlooked manuscripts, forever hidden from the eager eyes of potential readers. It would be like tossing your meticulously edited and crafted words into the abyss, and we simply cannot let that happen.


Building an author

brand is a strategy.


It is not about you,

it's about your

target audience!

But where do I start?

By presenting your book with a

professionally crafted cover

that captivates your readers.


Order professional marketing materials, building your brand on every social media. Gain more followers and readers fans.

Step 2

Brand Your Social Media

You've taken that crucial step, securing an extraordinary book cover that sets you apart from the rest. Now, it's time to unleash the full potential of your marketing campaign, establishing your author brand and igniting a fire of enthusiasm among your target audience.


Social media platforms have become the beating heart of our interconnected world. They offer an unprecedented chance to connect directly with readers, build your author brand, and amplify your book's visibility. Through carefully crafted posts, captivating visuals, and meaningful interactions, you can foster a genuine community of book enthusiasts who eagerly await your every update.


From sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of your writing process to hosting lively discussions about literature, social media empowers you to forge authentic connections and ignite enthusiasm for your work. Despite what people may think, social media is a complex system that demands expertise, much like any other skill that needs to be mastered.


Yeah, but I'm more of an introvert, and I'm not really into hanging out on social media. Plus, I'm not sure what to post to really grab my audience's attention.


That's why, I have developed a

FREE  list of ideas for engaging posts specifically tailored for

self-publishing authors, empowering you to navigate the ever-changing landscape of social media platforms.


The key to success in building your brand and mastering the social media game lies in meticulous planning and implementing a strategic approach to your posts.


In the realm of social media, it is widely recognized that a mere

25% of your posts should revolve around promoting your book.


The remaining 75% should be dedicated to captivating your audience and establishing a strong connection with your target group.



Introducing a groundbreaking revelation:

Behold, a set of ideas to incorporate into a staggering 75% of your posts!

You can entail an array of captivating content, such as

book reviews, intriguing writing facts, amusing jokes related to reading or writing, uplifting quotes to inspire,

behind-the-scenes glimpses into your life as a writer through short videos, coverage of book events and festivals, or anything that resonates with readers and delves into the intricacies of the writer's journey.


target audience?

WHO is your

Do not worry. Let's start with the most important question:



Let your posts become windows into your world, inviting others to experience the essence of who you are.


Share the moments that shaped you, the triumphs that propelled you forward, and the challenges that made you resilient. Paint vivid pictures with your words, accompanied by images that speak volumes, giving life to your story.


Embrace authenticity and vulnerability, for they are the cornerstones of genuine connection.


Let your passions ignite the flames of inspiration in others, sparking conversations that bridge distances and cultivate a sense of community. Celebrate your achievements, both big and small, and encourage others to do the same.

Alright, I've got it! I need my posts to visually narrate my story. But let's cut to the chase and talk about the real deal—how to sell MY BOOK!


Hold on! Building genuine connections with people requires patience and persistence. Treat your potential readers like friends, reminding them of your unique qualities and how you can bring joy and value to their lives. Be authentic, and they'll naturally develop an affinity for you. Once that connection is established, it's time to showcase your creation and prove that you're no joke when it comes to writing—you're fully dedicated to your craft.



Think of your book as a product:

How can I achieve this?

By presenting your book with a

professionally crafted cover

that captivates your readers.



Order professional marketing materials, building your brand on every social media. Gain more followers and readers fans.

Now, I know it may sound a bit highbrow, but remember,

your readers are sophisticated individuals who value their time and money.


They are your customers, and they deserve the very best.

Would you prefer to offer

an average, cheap product


or create an experience that warrants

a higher price tag for something

truly extraordinary?


I've got just the thing to kickstart your journey in promoting your new book.


Introducing the starter pack—a collection of social media posts that open up a world of possibilities and pave the way for success.

Starter Pack includes:


  • โ€‹Post x1 - Cover Reveal Date

  • Post x1 - eBook Discount or FREE eBook

  • Post x1 - Main Points (with arrows)

  • Post x2 - About the Book

Ding, ding, ding! We're on the same page! :)

Starter Pack price:


All prices are in Euro €

The package is crafted to complement the design of your book and meet your specific needs and requirements, includingunique background, fonts, and text.


While the showcased example is tailored to a size of 1080x1080 px, I can also create it in dimensions such as 1200x628 px (the recommended size for Facebook advertising) or any other size you prefer.


If you prefer specific types of ad images, you can opt for just one or two.


>>  Simply select and pay €50 for the first post, and an additional €35 for each subsequent one.


Social Media Cover


  • โ€‹Cover x1 - Your Book + Read Today / Buy Now etc.

       (for social media of your choice Facebook, Twitter           or LinkedIn)

*  If you'd like the identical cover for all these social media profiles, there's an additional €10 fee for resizing it to fit each extra platform.

Social Media Cover price:




Best choice for FacebookLinkedIn or Twitter

Book Review Post price:



Book Review Post | Reusable Template



  • Select your favorite reusable template.

       1x1, horizontal post or story post


        Once your book is set up with this template, you can share the new              reviews from delighted readers. 

* For only an extra €10, I can transform the same template into a completely new look. Send me your latest review, and I'll change the background and ribbon colors to give you a fresh, updated post to share with your followers.




Best choice for Instagram


Story Size for Facebook or Instagram

Using story posts on social media is a compelling way to engage your audience and boost your online presence.


On platforms like Instagram and Facebook, stories appear at the top of the feed, ensuring that your content is front and center for your followers, increasing your chances of being seen.


Add some moving effect from the Instagram app, throw in a catchy sticker with a link to the book and a groovy soundtrack, and voilà!


You've got yourself a captivating post that'll help pave the road to success.

Bundle price





In addition to the package, I can create posts that announce book awards, or even introduce the main characters through captivating photo collages accompanied by brief descriptions.


The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.

Instagram Starter Pack
Social Media
Free List with Ideas
Social Media Package
Starter Pack

Step 3

Elevate a professional image,
ensuring a polished appearance for
your book event.

Employ marketing print materials to enhance your results further.

Author logo, business cards, flyers, retractable banners, and posters are invaluable tools for promoting book events, engaging audiences, and creating a lasting impression.



  • Flyers serve as portable information hubs, providing a snapshot of your book event's key details. Compact and visually appealing, they are ideal for distribution in high-traffic areas, bookstores, and community centers. Use vivid imagery, compelling taglines, and essential event information to entice potential attendees. Include QR codes for easy access to additional event details or online ticketing.


Retractable Banners


  • Retractable banners offer a dynamic visual presence, instantly grabbing attention in crowded spaces. Position them strategically near the event entrance or key gathering points to attract passersby. Incorporate eye-catching graphics, your book cover, and event highlights. These banners are not only visually appealing but also portable and easy to set up, making them a versatile choice for both indoor and outdoor book events.



  • Posters act as large-scale canvases to showcase the essence of your book and event. Place them in prominent locations such as bookstores, libraries, and local businesses to generate buzz. Design posters with striking visuals, concise event details, and a clear call-to-action.


  • Include endorsements or quotes from notable individuals, if available, to build credibility and generate interest. Posters create a lasting impact and can serve as visually memorable reminders for potential attendees.


2-sided / A5


Single Sided

Author Logo & Business Card


  • The author's logo is a visual cornerstone, meticulously designed to embody the essence of your brand. Strategically placed on book covers, websites, and social media platforms, it reinforces consistency and boosts recognition, creating a distinct visual identity for the author.


  • Complemented by business cards that carry the logo alongside essential contact details, these tangible extensions serve as powerful tools during events and networking opportunities, leaving a lasting impression and facilitating connections with readers, publishers, and potential collaborators.


By seamlessly weaving together elements like your author logo, business card, flyers, retractable banner, and poster, you craft a comprehensive promotional strategy. This dynamic mix guarantees a multifaceted approach that not only grabs attention but also adeptly communicates information, enticing individuals to actively engage in your book event.


Logo + Business Card




Need a pro touch on a budget?


Contact me for a professionally crafted concept

that fits your vision and wallet!

Got a vision for your book event?

Priting Materials
Author Website

Step 4

Unleash the power of a professionally designed website with WIX


tailored to your unique author brand and literary vision

Establishing an author website is a critical step in building a brand that resonates with your audience. It serves as a central hub, an online destination where readers can engage with your books, get to know you better, and join your community. Let's delve into:



Why having a website is paramount for your author journey?






Building your email list


First and foremost, an author website enables you to start building your email list—an invaluable asset for future book promotions. By offering an opt-in form or newsletter subscription, you can entice visitors to join your mailing list. This allows you to establish direct communication with your audience, keeping them informed about upcoming releases, exclusive content, author events, and more. Your email list becomes a dedicated community of passionate readers who are eager to support and engage with your work.


A dedicated space to showcase your books


Moreover, an author website provides a dedicated space to showcase your books. It allows you to present your works in a professional and visually appealing manner, giving readers a glimpse into their captivating worlds. You can display enticing book covers, share intriguing synopses, and provide links for easy purchase. This not only helps generate interest and excitement but also serves as a convenient gateway for readers to explore and connect with your literary creations.


Building a deeper connection with your audience, fostering loyalty and trust


Beyond promoting your books, an author website also affords you the opportunity to showcase your author brand and personality. You can provide a compelling author bio, share your writing journey, and offer insights into your creative process. This personal touch establishes a deeper connection with your audience, fostering loyalty and trust. Additionally, you can include a blog or news section to share updates, musings, and behind-the-scenes anecdotes, further enriching the reader experience.


Your website is a consistent and reliable hub for readers to find you


Having a website grants you control over your online presence and brand image. Unlike social media platforms, which are subject to ever-changing algorithms and restrictions, your website remains a consistent and reliable hub for readers to find you. It ensures that your audience can easily discover your books and access the latest information about your authorship.

In summary, an author website is a powerful tool for introducing your audience to your books and building a strong author brand. It allows you to showcase your works, cultivate an email list for future promotions, and establish a direct connection with your readers. Embrace the opportunity to create an online home that reflects your literary world and serves as a bridge between you and your devoted readership.



Why choose WIX?

Elevate your authorial presence with Wix – the ultimate platform for crafting exceptional author websites!


Dive into a world of creativity where you have the power to showcase your literary works in a visually stunning and personalized way. Wix offers a seamless and user-friendly interface, allowing you to design an author website that captivates readers from the first click.


Choose from an array of professionally designed templates, and effortlessly customize every detail to match your unique style. Whether you're promoting your latest book, sharing your writing journey, or connecting with fans, Wix provides the tools you need to make your author website stand out.


With intuitive features like easy drag-and-drop editing, integrated social media, and seamless blogging capabilities, Wix is the perfect companion for authors looking to establish a compelling online presence. Don't just tell your story – showcase it with Wix.


Start building your author website today and let your words come to life in the digital realm!

Check out these author websites I've created with 


Ready to dive in, but looking for

a skilled web designer to assist with the overall appearance, setup, and SEO?

download (3).png

Let's talk about your brand.


Share your goals and aspirations with me, and I'll assist you in selecting the tools that suit your needs as a self-published author, all while taking your budget into consideration.


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