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Donika Mishineva Book Cover Designer 2021

A masterful weaver of book cover designs, driven by a purpose to help self-published authors on their self-publishing  journey. With an unwavering devotion to new literature and the visual arts, she crafts book covers that ignite the imaginations of readers.

Embedded within the very essence of our being, resides the spirit of a storyteller—an intrepid co-creator eager to forge uncharted realms of existence.

Meet Donika



Age 42

Live in Bulgaria See on Wikipedia


Мarried with two children and a dog



Reading, Painting, Yoga


Favorite book genres

Sci-fi, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Psychology, Personal Development



Movie Soundtracks, Bosa Nova Jazz, Ambient Music, Musicals, Classical Music, Pop, Lofi



Graphic Designer / WIX Web Designer / Digital Artist

Years of experience 17

Speaks Bulgarian, Russian and English

Web Design, WIX, UX, UI, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Advanced Photo Manipulation

Goals in near future
YouTube Channel
Publish a Book
Interested in
Surreal and Concept Art, Creative Writing, Japanese Culture, Subconscious, Creating Short Movies, Animation


Behind the Scenes

Discover the inspiration, techniques, and dedication that go into crafting each unique design. From initial sketches to final touches, immerse yourself in the artistic process and gain insight into the world of book cover artistry.


Russell Cornhill

Speculative Fiction Writer


I owe a tremendous thank you to Donika Mishineva for all the effort, creativity, and time taken in designing the book covers for the novellas ‘The Language Barrier’ and ‘Annabelle’, the first two stories from ‘The Human Factor’ series. Donika is a graphic artist, and custom book cover designs are her speciality. Although it is said that you can’t judge a book by its cover, many do, and it is the first thing you see.

She has worked tirelessly with an author who doesn’t know what he’s doing to produce results that look brilliant and encompass the characters and storyline of each book.


Rachel Adams

Freelance Writer / Editor, Content Writing & Creation, Fiction Writing

United States

I am so excited to say that I got the cover art back from the artist Donika Mishineva - it is gorgeous! Now, I can't reveal it because I will do that for a September promotional cover reveal. However... I recommend Donika to anyone who needs a book cover or artwork. She was professional and courteous. She worked with me and my co-author on changes we needed. She wanted to actually read some excerpts to get an idea of the characters and scene she was portraying for the cover. She cares about her art and her clients, and she works for a reasonable rate - which is important to those of us on a budget. But to be clear - her covers do not look "cheap." They are gorgeous. Look her up!


Carie Lince

Fantasy / Paranormal Romance Author

United States

I’ve been working with Donika for covers on my trilogy’s second edition. This was my first time working with a professional cover designer and she was thankfully patient with my newness. All of her work and correspondence were done in a timely manner and I’m very happy with how everything turned out.


Let's talk about your book.


Share your thoughts and inspirations, and I'll work my magic to produce an exceptional cover design.


Contact Me


Reach out through my contact form or email me directly at ​

I will get back to you within 24 hours, and we will go over any questions you might have. I am happy to help you through the process.

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