Need a phenomenal cover for your book?

Are you looking for something different and unique to stand out among the crowd? And at an affordable price, of course!

Hi! I'm Donika - a graphic artist specializing in book cover design.


I believe that art should bring joy to people - to impress, to amaze, to inspire. And as the writer imprints his entire imagination in his manuscript, so does the artist leave a piece of his soul in his work. I love working with writers and be curious about their new work,  materializing characters from their books together. This is such an exciting and unique experience that captivates my mind as each cover is created!

Book Cover Designer
Book Cover Design

I want my clients to be successful.

Opening a book is a magical adventure!  But frequently, beautiful books are dressed in boring and unsuitable covers and are left alone waiting for their readers, on the shelves of bookstores, without ever being given a chance to prove themselves. This is where I enter the visual history of the cover, this is where my art intends to serve the writer and his audience. For me, every project is a unique task aimed at  creating a finished product that grabs potential buyers and readers at a glance and tells them, "read me!"

What else do I do?

I have been involved in graphic design for more than 10 years and I can also be useful for you to make a small Wix website, making logos, brand materials, brochures, flyers, posters, and everything for your professional presentation in the webspace and social networks. Let me know what you need and what budget you have and we will come up with something.

I love challenges

Making the perfect cover, getting as close as possible to the writer’s vision is a real challenge, which takes time and effort in refining the details. For me, it is important not only to create something beautiful but to satisfy the wishes of my clients.



Reach out through my contact form or email me directly at ​artofdonika@gmail.com

I will get back to you within 24 hours, and we will go over any questions you might have. I am happy to help you through the process.

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