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The Book Cover Designer

Donika Mishineva Book Cover Designer 2021

As you know, books don't sell on their own, and self-published authors try to reach more readers. It is very difficult for a new and unknown author to gain attention. Yes, a good cover gives it a chance to stand out in the crowd, but any start is difficult. That's why I created this blog - Book Club, to support self-published authors.


Support me so that I can continue to do it for free in the name of good literature. Thank you!

You wrote 80,000 words and not once did you think about the book's cover. Right?

Big mistake. Unless you are a well-known author with universal name recognition, your sales success or failure starts with the book cover. It's that important. Not the title, certainly not your name - it's the overall look and feel of the book cover that will make a reader purchase or pass on your book.

You only get 3 seconds to grab a potential buyer. Use that time wisely. Invest in your number one marketing tool. Your book cover.

I am Donika Mishineva and I can deliver wildly creative, unique, intriguing book covers for less than $300. That's less than a dollar a day per year!

Check out my beautiful creations and let's get started!

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About Me

in a few words

Origin: Bulgarian-Russian

Age: 41

Country: Bulgaria See on Wikipedia

Family: Мarried with two children and a dog



Reading, Gardening, Painting, Yoga


Favorite book genres:

Sci-fi, Thriller, Suspense, Fantasy, Steampunk, Historical Fiction, Psychology, Personal Development, Spiritual Growth 



Movie Soundtracks, Bosa Nova Jazz, Ambient Music, Musicals, Classical Music



Graphic Designer / WIX Web Designer / Digital Artist

Years of experience: 15

Languages: Bulgarian, Russian and English

Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / Premier Pro /  After Effects, Website Design on WIX, UX, UI

Goals in near future:
WIX websites for authos

Goals in the next 5 years:
Online course - graphic design of books - crowd psychology, visual techniques in the design to influence the audience.

The Music in my life

a little revelation

Music is something that one does not have the means to express. It can only be experienced with something that is beyond hearing, notes, and musical terms. Man is a wave whose frequency is constantly changing, influenced by the environment in which he is. Complex symphonic music with a consonant sound carries the charge of a small universe. This music is like a living ocean with its own vibration and breath, giving a person unsuspected strength and urge. We perceive it as conductors with our senses, but not everyone manages to "hear and understand" it. I studied piano and classical music for 17 years and graduated from the best music academy in the capital of Bulgaria. And although I have decided to change the direction of professional development, symphonic music will remain something that I can only compare with the love that one feels for the newborn miracle that he holds in his lap for the first time.

I like to imagine people like colors and sounds; this helps me in working with clients to more easily tune in to their frequency and understand their perception of the world. I guess for many people, this sounds strange, but I believe that writers are no different from musicians or artists and are more sensitive than the rest of the population, and there will be many of you who will not look at me like a cuckoo, hahaha. If this sounds OK when you write to me about your project, you could leave 1-2 links with your favorite music. It will be easier for me to feel you through this non-traditional method :)

I leave a few of my favorite musical works.


Donika Mishineva designed the book cover and maps for my new book AMAZON HITCHHIKER A Woman's Adventures from Canada to Brazil.  


Not only is Donika creatively talented, she is also a wonderful artist with whom to collaborate. She is a patient, intuitive perfectionist who truly listened to what I wanted in my book cover. At the same time she shared her own brilliant ideas to create a book cover that is not only beautiful, but also inviting and intriguing to potential readers.    


I highly recommend Donika for any design work and look forward to working with her again in the future.



Alycin Hayes


Writer of Poetry & Prose / Producer / Creative Director



Let's get started!

Share your ideas with me, and I'll turn them into a stunning cover design.

Contact Me


Reach out through my contact form or email me directly at ​

I will get back to you within 24 hours, and we will go over any questions you might have. I am happy to help you through the process.

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