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Writer's Resources

Welcome to our Writer's Resources, where we connect writers with valuable collaborations to enhance their craft and journey towards publication. Here, you'll find a curated selection of editors, writing coaches, and other small business partnerships aimed at supporting your creative endeavors.

In addition, explore our collection of free writing resources designed to fuel your inspiration and refine your skills.


Let's bring your story to life, together.


Download our auxiliary materials absolutely free, such as worksheets, templates, and guides tailored to enhance your writing and self-publishing experience. Dive into a wealth of resources designed to support your journey towards mastery.

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Accredited Partners

Access our network of trusted industry professionals, including writing coaches, editors, proofreaders, beta readers, typesetters, publishing consultatns ready to collaborate with you on your author journey.

Sarah Kate Ishii - self-publishing consultant and writing coach

Storycraft Gateway

As a published author, writing coach, and publishing consultant, Sarah Kate Ishii empowers writers to refine their craft, navigate the publishing process, and succeed. With a passion for nurturing talent and providing expert guidance, Sarah offers invaluable feedback, dedicated to writers' success in the publishing world.

Rachel D Adams-banner-square.webp

Rachel D. Adams

Specializing in crafting irresistible book blurbs that boost sales, leading strategic promotion campaigns, and offering insightful manuscript evaluations to enhance your writing skills, Rachel D. Adams, a published author and experienced blog writer, brings expertise to help authors captivate readers, expand their reach, and refine their craft for success in the competitive world of publishing.

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