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Superb Book Cover is a captivating blend of digitally manipulated images, great typography, and special effects which is well-suited for almost any genre of literature.


This artistic masterpiece is meticulously designed based on thorough research into the genre expectations of the target audience. With such a cover, your book will effortlessly shine among the competition and captivate the interest of potential buyers and readers.

All prices are in US$

*Second Concept + $ 99

**The design includes licensed photos and vector graphics from with 4.5 million Graphic Resources

When additional costs are apply and why,  you can learn in FAQ#Additional Costs

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We all know: Books don't sell alone!

Every author / publisher who order a book cover, receive a free gift 

to present the book on social media.

  • 1 Free Promo Image Post - includes 3D Preview of the book on a beautiful background

  • Free Promoting of your book on my social media

  • 2 Versions (with and without the text) - text of your choice

  • No Revisions



Cover Formatting from a Paperback

Up to 2 revisions


$ 70

Hardcover Dust Jacket

Up to 3 revisions


$ 85

Cover Formatting from a Paperback

Up to 2 revisions


$ 50


Cover Formatting for Extra

Publishing platform

$ 25

Order Additionally

More Revisions

The majority of authors find themselves fully content after the initial or second round of revisions, although the book cover service includes a range of 5 to 7 revisions.

If you're still eager to fine-tune the cover, delving into further possibilities like playing with color tones, adding or removing elements, including intricate details, exploring diverse image combinations, or even desiring to explore various typography options, this option is tailored just for you.

Additional Revisions
Big Changes
Complex Photomanipulation / Special Effects / Drawing
$ 35 / per hour
Small Changes
Text Formatting / Small Color Changes
$ 5 / per Revision


Sometimes you need to update the print file over time to change the blurb, the number of pages, or even the overall trim size of the book. In some cases, a badge can be added, such as Amazon's No. 1 bestseller, Readers Favourite Award, etc.

For all these cases you can see the prices below.

Types of Changes
Adding a Badge or Sticker
$ 35
Spine Size of the Book
$ 35
Trim Size of the Book
$ 50
Text on the Back Cover
$ 35

Selected Projects

Check out the top-notch quality and unique style of my work.

If you're blown away and interested in purchasing a copy of these wonderful books, simply click on the image and you'll be taken straight to Amazon, where you can also dive into a sneak peek of the book itself.

Selected Projects Superb Servic

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Let's talk about your book


and strategies to capture the attention of potential readers.

What self-published authors say


Rob Robbins

M.B.A. Author

United States

It is extremely rare to find a creative artist who also understands selling. Donika Mishineva possesses that valuable combination.

She translates the nature, the soul, of a story into a fantastic book cover. Professional and never is satisfied with producing just average products.

Strong recommendation!


Dr Michael Tirant

Professor of Dermatology


It has been a great pleasure and amazing experience working with Donika. I cannot believe how quickly she transformed my ideas. Her work is of the highest quality and standard and I am thrilled with the outcome. I thoroughly recommend her to you as a first class book cover designer.


Alycin Hayes

Producer / Creative Director


Donika Mishineva is not only creatively talented, she is also a wonderful artist with whom to collaborate. She is a patient, intuitive perfectionist who truly listened to what I wanted in my book cover. At the same time she shared her own brilliant ideas to create a book cover that is not only beautiful, but also inviting and intriguing to potential readers.

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