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Stylish Covers


Clean and stylish book covers that are a perfect fit for non-fiction genres like business, medicine, and biographies. The pristine design radiates a timeless and contemporary style that will never go out of trend.


These types of covers, careful attention is given to the art of typography, which serves as the cornerstone of their design. The imagery, on the other hand, plays a complementary role, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

All prices are in US$

*Second Concept + $ 60

**The design includes licensed photos and vector graphics from with 4.5 million Licensed for Commercial Use Graphic Resources

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Extra Bonus

We all know that books don't sell on their own! That's why every author or publisher who orders a book cover will receive a free gift - an eye-catching visual asset to promote their book on social media platforms.

  • 1 Free Promo Image Post - includes 3D Preview of the book on a beautiful background

  • Free Promoting of your book on my social media

  • 2 Versions (with and without the text) - text of your choice

  • No Revisions


Order Additionally

Cover Formatting from a Paperback

Up to 2 revisions


$ 70

Hardcover Dust Jacket 

Up to 3 revisions


$ 85

Cover Formatting from a Paperback

Up to 2 revisions


$ 50


Cover Formatting for Extra

Publishing platform

$ 25

If you need an audio cover, an additional file for a second POD platform, a hardcover, or a dust jacket, please refer to the prices.

More Revisions

The majority of authors find themselves fully content after the initial or second round of revisions, although the book cover service includes a range of 5 to 7 revisions.

If you're still eager to fine-tune the cover, delving into further possibilities like playing with color tones, adding or removing elements, including intricate details, exploring diverse image combinations, or even desiring to explore various typography options, this option is tailored just for you.

All prices are in US$
Additional Revisions
Big Changes
Photomanipulation / Special Effects / Digital Drawing
$ 35 / per hour
Small Changes
Color Changes
$ 5 / per Revision


Sometimes you need to update the print file over time to change something in the text, change the number of pages, or even the overall size of the book. In some cases, a badge can be added, such as Amazon's No. 1 bestseller, readers favourite award, etc.

For all these cases you can see the prices below.

Type Change
Adding a Badge or Sticker
$ 35
Spine Size of the Book *
$ 35
Trim Size of the Book *
$ 50
Text on the Back Cover
$ 35

* If you wish to change the spine size or the trim size of the book, please note that it will require a separate new prepress, incurring an additional cost of $25 on top of the listed price.

Selected Stylish Covers

Selected Projects

Check out the top-notch quality and unique style of my work.

If you're interested in purchasing a copy of these wonderful books, simply click on the image and you'll be taken straight to Amazon, where you can also dive into a sneak peek of the book itself.

What self-published authors say


Melissa Hume

HR Excellence Awardee / AUTHOR


Donika was able to transform my raw concept into a professional and creatively designed book cover. I was pleasantly surprised with just how fresh and attention grabbing the design is, and I'm so pleased I had Donika as my cover designer.


Victoria A. Glover

Life and Business Strategy Coach | Speaker | Host of VKEYSS Impact Makers TV/Chat


I have worked with Donika Mishineva on the crafting and designing of my book covers. In all she did the covers for four and I published the first one to a sounding applause.

I was very detailed on how I want the visual to capture the message. By the time we finished with sharing ideas, we came up with an outstanding cover that received praises and good feedbacks.
Donika is a very insightful designer and her creative works speaks for itself. I highly recommend her and will hire her again in the future.


Marion A. Brownlie

Healer / Writer


That cover is fantastic! I am so over the moon with what you have created. It carries power and energy. So very well done. Thank you! Money can't buy what you have created. Once again you have hit the jackpot. Thank you so very much for the extra effort you put into your work.

Ready to start?

Let's talk about your book.


Share your thoughts and inspirations, and I'll work my magic to produce an exceptional cover design.

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