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Non-Fiction, Fiction, Drama, Travel, Adventure



The pre-designed book covers are exclusive, and once youʼve purchased yours, it will be immediately removed from the gallery and add to my Book Cover page with your name on it. It will no longer be available to be bought by others, and all rights will be transferred to you.

The pre-designed book cover comprises:

  • One pre-designed е-book / paperback cover 

  • Minor changes, that includes:
    Titles & Name / Fonts / Colors / Small changes in the position of the text or cover elements.

  • A final High-resolution JPEG ready to upload to Amazon with size  1600x2560px.

  • Ready to print PDF file in the size of your choice.

  • available in e-book and paperback format.

All minor changes must be named in your e-mail.

If you wish to do other changes to a pre-designed cover, please e-mail me first so I can see if it can be included in the price or if it will have additional costs.

Before you press the button, please remember the design number and name to fill in the design request form.


Can I buy only the e-book cover format?

Yes, you can. The price is $100.

Can I buy the paperback cover later if I decide to print it?

Yes, you can. It will cost you $23.

Can you change the color scheme to the entire image?

Yes, I can.

I like this vision. Can you make another one or two? How much will it cost to produce a series of book covers similar to this design?

Yes, I can. It depends on how many books are in the series.

Do you offer marketing images with this vision?
Yes, I could make them. Write to me exactly what you want and I'll tell you how much it will cost.

Do I need to buy a license for the images used in the design?

No, I use only free for commercial use images here.

What is the resolution of the final file?

E-Book - 300PPI, and 300/600DPI for the paperback file.

How can I order a pre-designed book cover? 

  • Not sure if your title will fit well?


Let me show you and you will decide whether you want to buy the cover design or not.

  • Send a design request by filling in the following information:


- The title of the design and the ID Number of the book cover

- Your book title and subtitle (if you have one)

- Your name as an author

- All minor changes you require

  • Within 24 hours, you will have a preview at your email. Without commitment.

  • After you pay the book cover we can talk about your free promotion of your new book on my website.


If you have more questions, reach out through contact form down below.