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The Awakening - One Woman's Discovery for her Own Inner Power

I will not stop repeating how exciting my profession is because of the interesting people I meet. Every person on this planet is a small universe in which you can immerse yourself and explore. But only the authors are the ones who manage to paint like an artist with words on the white paper, their inner world, and reveal their emotional experiences with the ease that makes all of us, the readers, buy books.

The Awakening is an exceptional book. To be honest, it was not easy to compete with the many beautiful covers I found in online bookstores on the subject while looking for inspiration for Marion Brownlie's book cover. I wanted it to be something different, captivating, to convey that charge I felt as I read an excerpt from the book sent to me by the publisher Aurora House, Australia. I will not be modest - the cover turned out splendid!

The title speaks for itself. This is a book about spiritual growth and how to transform ourselves to direct our lives in the direction we dream of. You can read an excerpt from the book directly on Amazon, where you can also get your copy of the book.

Meet Marion Brownlie and her book - The Awakening

Born in 1951, Marion has had an extraordinary life. In a short space of time, she has experienced events that have fast-tracked her spiritual understanding and personal growth. She has shared these events with you to show how she coped, with the hope that what she learned will help you as well.

Marion Brownlie, the author of book The Awakening
Marion Browlie © 2020

Raised on a back-country farm in New Zealand she had a traumatic life that left her with emotional problems, which created an unruly teenager with little or no self-love or respect for herself, and a marriage that only made this worse, leading to dark days and an attempted suicide.

However, life had greater plans for Marion, and she was set firmly on a path of spiritual discovery, fast-tracked through the tough times, and lessons that taught her there was much more to life than one can consciously see and hear. Her healing abilities and spiritual understanding flourished as her spirit guides taught her how to heal and most importantly, to understand possession and entities and how this is so prevalent yet feared in our society. Marion’s journey is one of enlightenment and awakening.

Marion became interested in spiritual enlightenment, metaphysics, self-empowerment, and self-healing after a life-changing experience. She self-healed herself of the many traumatic experiences from her childhood that were deeply hidden. Marion continued to learn more and moved onto personal development, soul growth, the sub-conscious, other dimensions, spirit possession, the power of love, the effect fear and negativity have on our lives, and ventured into many areas of thought where people fear to tread.

From these experiences, the I AM Source Guidance cards evolved, intended to help those who need guidance.

Marion channels Source. She is an intuitive Healer/Psychic and Energy Therapist. Master Practitioner of (NLP), Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapist, and a Life/Soul Coach. She is available for consultations, workshops, meditations, group work, public speaking engagements, intuitive/tarot readings.

She may be contacted through her web site

* * *

I believe that this book will be useful to everyone and I can't wait to read it. Coming soon my review in the blog. You can buy your copy of The Awakening on Amazon. Enjoy!



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