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Healing and Your Inner Space - Sacred Consciousness - Part 2

Interview with Dr Michael Tirant

Today on the blog, I am honored to talk to the author of Sacred Consciousness: Healing Through Mindfulness, which has just been released. I say welcome to Professor Michael Tirant - research scientist, lecturer, and professor of Dermatology, founder and principal practitioner at the Psoriasis Eczema Clinic and Research Center, Melbourne, Australia. He has the respect of eminent Dermatologists from teaching hospitals across Europe, India and Vietnam for his knowledge and experience in successfully treating many rare and difficult skin conditions. He is considered a pioneer in bringing conventional and alternative medicines together, to take an integrative approach, including addressing triggers and co-morbidities, for the treatment of

skin conditions.

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* * *

Would you please tell us about the role of food, fasting, and the healing power of blessed water for the health of the human body?

Good nutrition is crucial for a healthy body to operate at optimal levels. A balanced diet of fresh vegetables and fruits, pulses, fish ,poultry and red meat ,and plenty of fluids in the form of water or mild teas, is very important. Of course, vegetarians also need a diet combination that provides all the minerals, vitamins and protein. Fasting is a form of challenge for the body and it makes us more resilient and disciplined , and invokes a mind control over the body.

The role of Blessed water started from religious teachings, where water was used for baptism, washing sins away or taken internally for healing powers. It is the belief that Blessed water is sacred and has healing potential that is important. The healing power comes from the belief that the water has healing power and therefore it works.

In your book Sacred Consciousness: Healing Through Mindfulness, you talk about karmic duty, collective karma, and the law of attraction. Could you tell us more about this and what role it plays in a person's life?

For every thought and action that we have , we create a debt that is always paid back to us. You attract what you send out. So, if you do a good deed, a good deed comes back to you. If you do a “bad” deed , a bad deed comes back to you. The same applies for a collective level. If many people collude to do a bad thing, then a bad thing comes back to the group. Nothing goes unpaid!!!! You always attract what you have sent out.

Who is this book for, and does it have anything to do with religion?

The book applies to all religions and faiths and is for everyone who wants to take control of their life. It offers a mix of mindfulness and manifesting techniques that will enrich and enhance your life. It provides you with the tools to create and have anything you desire - for everything is indeed possible if you know what to do and that your thoughts and emotions create your reality.

This book is designed to guide all souls through the Great Awakening and raise the vibration of the entire planet. The mindfulness and manifestation techniques will improve overall well-being and illuminate reality creation. In the coming days, many of us will awaken to our innate healing powers, for both ourselves and others. We can begin to channel the energy of love and light into collective consciousness, transforming the collective energy field. This will align us with our higher selves and honour the sacred guidance of the divinity within. There is a chance for us to awaken as one and transcend the ego-based systems of old but of course, everyone has a choice and their decision will be based on their Divine purpose here , which is embedded in karma.

In your book you talk about gratitude, prayer, meditation, energy healing, and many other spiritual practices. Which cultures have influenced your views on life?

I have read books on many cultures and religions and I love them all, for everyone has something to offer and I learnt from everyone. My life is based on simple principles of good health, love, gratitude, contentment, kindness, peace , generosity, forgiveness and acceptance of all, treating everyone with dignity , and to look for the good in everyone - for you will always see what you look for. But above all, I strife to do my best to help others and be silly at times just to bring a smile on someone’s face.

I know you are a very creative person. Could you please tell us a little about yourself as a person and your artistic soul?

I am a very down to earth spirit. I love the simple things in life - family/friends and I love humour - jokes, funny stories and teasing people to make them laug. I do everything with a good heart and mindful not to hurt anyone. I can see humour in everything - it keeps me going. May be I should write a funny story book about my experiences. I love acting the fool. I am a very passionate, focused and determined person and absolutely love talking, discussions, listening to other people’s point of view.

Growing up, I had a lot of hobbies - music, swimming, soccer and running were my most passionate. I won many medals in school competitions. But I was involved in a severe car accident and I had to stop my sporting activities. After my recovery, the doctors told me not to get involved in sport anymore as I had restricted movement in my right arm. I was devastated but I took it upon myself to challenge my arm for improvement. Unbeknown to my family, I took up martial arts and golf - the doctors discouraged me but I refused to stop as I was stubborn with a strong determined mind. Today, I can fully use my arm and it was the best thing for me to do.

Graphic Design by Donika Mishineva
Dr Michael Tirant © 2021 | Graphic Design by Donika Mishineva

Music was very special to me. I wanted a guitar at a very young age, but my family could not afford it - I come from a very poor family. So, I decided to make my own guitar with the help of my friend who was a carpenter. I used different size nylon fishing lines for strings on the guitar and self-taught myself how to play the guitar. Today, I can play the guitar (by ear) but I cannot read music. I can also play the harmonica, a bit of piano (by ear) and drums. I started writing songs when I was young, especially love songs for girlfriends.

I love being and talking to people from all cultures and listening to their stories but I also love peaceful holidays travelling to remote areas by the sea or in forests where I can find peace and solitude. This gets me into the unknown to find new solutions.

What motivated you to write this comprehensive work, which will become for many people worldwide a guide to spiritual awakening and a better healthy life?

Having had so many amazing experiences and miracles in my own life, I wanted to share with others the innate ability and power that lies within all of us and that we are masters of our own destiny and can manifest whatever we desire ; and that the first day of your life can start today - you are in control.

Are you working on another book? What can we expect from you in the future?

Yes, I am already looking at material for a series of smaller books - possibly on the chronology of good health / happiness / disease / success / wealth, empowering people to take control, etc. I will let you know more.

What message do you want to bring to humanity in such a difficult time during a global pandemic?

This is a time of introspection - the pandemic has lockdown the whole planet and now we have to stay home and appreciate the little things in life and to be with our family - teach our children, care for our parents - brought home the community values and that we should live life in the present moment - so many plans had to be cancelled. We have spent too much time reliving the past and too much time planning for the future - we should appreciate more of the Present moment. To take responsibility - we are responsible for our planet but obviously we are not looking after it very well as someone/we have created the pandemic - whether we like it or not. I am sure many will not agree with it. What happens is what’s meant to happen. Don’t get involved in judging the circumstances. Accept it, do something about it and move on.

We are microcosms living in a macrocosm of continued change- nothing is permanent. The moments of today or of now , can never exist again. So make the most of it Now, however bad it looks for there are lessons to be learnt from it.

How do you imagine the future in 100 years?

Certainly there will be technological advancements in computers, where the brain will be integrated with devices, such as TVs, prostheses for amputees etc. We may even be able to hack each other’s brain, just like we do for computers. Rather than driving cars, we would be using drones. We are already doing 3D printing of the body’s replacement parts - may be we can do a whole human body. We should be able to modify the genetic code to select against diseases and choose traits to better adapt to the changing environment. Climate change will have further impacts of a hotter planet with extreme weather events and fatalities. This will lead us to more underground cities for adaptation.

However, the dualism of life, where birth, death, re-incarnation, “good and evil “will continue on this planet, so every soul can experience the infinite for infinity. Because there is nothing else for us to do!

Will humanity be ahead spiritually, and what steps does each of us need to take to move in that direction?

Every human being is on a spiritual journey to enlightenment but everyone is at different stages of the journey. It is difficult to say that we will be ahead spiritually - as the dualistic nature of the planet will continue to show both sides - the so-called “right” and “wrong”. Hence , the reason not to pass judgment is so crucial. Remember, we only see and experience what we focus on.

Although I dream of our planet where mankind lives together in love, harmony, peace and acceptance, I understand that this will be unlikely, as the existence of man here requires dualism to continue.

* * *

Sacred Consciousness: Healing Through Mindfulness is a necessary helper in our daily lives, and I recommend it to everyone, whether it is the first time you encounter this vast matter and spiritual terms, or you have long practiced and followed the path of cognition.

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Written with scientific explanations in easy-to-understand language, this multidimensional work will teach you how in practice, you could program your desirable reality, raise your awareness level, and heal a mental trauma. I admit that I can't wait to get my paper copy directly from Aurora House Publishing, Australia. The book has a practical focus and will help anyone ready to open up to change to a new balanced and healthy life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to this uplifted soul - Prof. Michael Tirant, who has dedicated his life to the service of humanity and the healing of the individual, combining a holistic approach. You can read an excerpt from his book Sacred Consciousness: Healing Through Mindfulness on Amazon or buy it from the (online) bookstores.

Contact Dr Michael Tirant:

Every morning we are born again, grow, live and immerse ourselves again in the deep unconscious, a small life, a piece of the big puzzle. Live it consciously... with love.


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