Sacred Consciousness Part 1

Interview with Dr Michael Tirant

To participate in such a meaningful project is a unique feeling. The cover I created for the book Sacred Consciousness: Healing Through Mindfulness seemed to be born in my imagination as I flipped through the digital copy of the manuscript - the man, a symbol of the pursuit of knowledge, change, and growth, in constant contact with the energy of the universe; the soul's search for an eternal and unattainable divine understanding of oneself and all that surrounds us.

"All religions stem from the same Divine Source,

a powerful and Supernatural Force that connects us all."

~ Prof Michael Tirant,

Sacred Consciousness: Healing Through Mindfulness , published in 2021

Today on the blog, I am honored to talk to the author of Sacred Consciousness: Healing Through Mindfulness, which has just been released. I say welcome to Professor Michael Tirant - research scientist, lecturer, and professor of Dermatology, founder and principal practitioner at the Psoriasis Eczema Clinic and Research Center, Melbourne, Australia. He has the respect of eminent Dermatologists from teaching hospitals across Europe, India and Vietnam for his knowledge and experience in successfully treating many rare and difficult skin conditions. He is considered a pioneer in bringing conventional and alternative medicines together, to take an integrative approach, including addressing triggers and co-morbidities, for the treatment of skin conditions.

* * *

Professor Tirant, you are a scientist and a respected clinician for your achievements in treating rare skin diseases. Where and how did it all start? Please tell us how you decided to combine traditional treatment methods with alternative ones and whether it was challenging to win the right to help your patients with techniques that many doctors still deny or look at with contempt and ridicule.

It all started when I was at university watching a very close friend (girlfriend) suffer with a debilitating skin condition. She was constantly visiting doctors and specialists and seeing some improvements for a few days but then the condition would rebound again. At the time I thought that there must be more to the condition than just putting cream on the skin. So, I got her to write down what she thought could be triggering her skin including foods, weather, makeup, perfume. We also set up a Logbook entering everything she did during the day and then had her own personal assessment of the state of her skin at the of each day. After roughly two weeks , we started to see a trend evolving. We noticed that some foods that she was eating, alcohol after a night out, were triggering her skin. She also noticed that her skin was worse on days where she drank coffee and no water. Hence, started my journey and research into triggers exacerbating not only her skin but other conditions. I found that diet, lifestyle, chemicals, hormones, alcohol /diuretics, sugars, stress are all involved. However, everyone is affected depending on their blood type. I could not understand why some individuals were affected by some triggers but not others . This is because everyone is different with a different blood type, and I was noticed that the individual blood type is also involved when dealing with triggers. Primary (initiating- blood type link ) and secondary triggers (exacerbating- divided into major/minor - with blood type link). This work has been published in 2020 in Dermatologic Therapy Journal.

What is the root of all diseases? Could you please tell us the connection between health conditions and the spiritual world of man?

From my understanding, there is a genetic predisposition to all illnesses. The illness lays dormant until it is triggered. AS explained above, we need a Primary/initiating trigger to start the disease. For me all diseases start from a spiritual realm/state of mind /consciousness/belief before it becomes physical. In other the disease starts from an abstract point of view before it materialises. From the unknown to the known , from the unseen to the seen. Whether the person is in a happy positive state of mind.

What do you think is the function of the disease for the human body?

Disease is an evolutionary response to tell us that the Body, mind and spirit and our environment are out balance and we need to act to re-align ourselves.

Can it be seen as a negative experience necessary for humanity, a proficiency that stimulates one to rethink their lifestyle, accepting the change and development that follows to reach their potential?

It is not necessarily a negative. For me Everything is what it is!!! It is our perception to view something as positive or negative. The objective is to look at the circumstance and see how we can learn and grow from it. This may require changes but I don’t classify the changes as positive or negative.

How did you come to the knowledge you describe in your book Sacred Consciousness?

From a young age, I have been interested in Spirituality - the belief of a supreme God or Consciousness. I have seen first- hand while growing up the power of positive thought, belief and focus. I have witnessed the miraculous in so many ways and have watched the karmas that people created for themselves. I have always been an avid reader , including books of different religions /faiths; belief systems; mindset, consciousness and the powerful effects of how stress manipulates our immune system. I have studied many types of health system/alternative medicine and know that every system has something good to offer. After all, it is the patient who determines whether a treatment, orthodox or alternative, will work or not. If the patient believes a treatment will work - it will work. There is a clear path to - how to make it work!!!

When was your first meeting with meditation, healing breathing, and everything you describe as techniques in your book?

Initially, I was very sceptical of these so-called alternative approaches that had no scientific basis. However, all this changed after I developed severe allergies while burning the candle at both ends , attending university, playing in a rock n roll band and martial art training. My colleague suggested I joined them for meditation classes and of course, I had great benefits from itand taught me that something can work without it being scientific. More importantly, it has also taught me that science is not always scientific.

What is your favourite technique for dealing with stress, which is a constant companion in our daily lives?

I use many favourite techniques depending on how muc