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Poetry And Hot Chocolate - a book about the little moments

Meet the young poet Vansh Sharma

In April, I created a beautiful book cover for a very young poet. Today, I am glad to present on the blog Vansh Sharma and his second published book Poetry And Hot Chocolate, which has already received public recognition and was awarded the readers' prize.

Hello, Vansh; it is fantastic to have you as a guest today and share your work with our book lovers. Tell us how and when you started writing and rhyming your soul tremors? And how old are you now?

Hello Donika, I am now 15 years old and I started writing poetry in year 6 for a school project in which my classmates and I were free to make/write or build anything. I thought writing poetry was very calm so I wrote poems for fun but then my mother encouraged me to make them public.

young poet Vansh Sharma Australia
Vansh Sharma © 2021

Please, tell us what do you like to write about? What inspires you?

I like to write about nature and my morning runs inspire me. I like the way it is one perfect circle around us and how there is always a feeling of pleasure when one is with greenery.

I want to share with our readers something of yours. Would you write us one of your favorite poems here, and why did you choose this one?

I chose this poem as it represents and conveys the style and nature of most of my other poems. It shows what I see near my house and a view into living in a suburban town in Sydney.

A day on the side of Bettington Road

by Vansh Sharma I sat on the curb of the petrol station Enjoying the view as if it were a vacation Sitting here all day was but a mere temptation As I felt free and without any agitation I saw a gorgeous hummingbird flutter by And some larger metallic birds in the sky I always wondered how it would be to fly But the fear of falling would make me cry One, Two, Five, Ten cars sped down And on their faces laid upon a frown It was as if they were racing to win a crown I wondered why some were so angry and down I stared across the large widened road And saw a cute puppy so I bowed On the owner’s face, happiness was showed I wondered how it lived, episode after episode I realised everyone had something to do While I sat on my curb without a clue Even the small puppy had something to chew But I was as happy as a sloth in a zoo I was sinking into the abyss of serenity slowly Like a nacho chip stuck in guacamole I was sinking but happily but unholy I was eerily distressed but not lowly I moved to the side of the petrol station To watch the people of our nation Fill up their tanks to roam God’s creation They were moving on without cunctation I climbed up onto a large oak tree And watched the termites smaller than a pea Digging to the other side to be free Even they had somewhere to be Rainbow lorikeets chirped and sang Eating the figs together like a gang They suddenly rose up with a bang And circled the trees like a skilled boomerang

sertificate australian book of records vansh sharma

Thank you, Vansh! It's wonderful!

In 2019 you received a certificate for your first published book. Please tell us what it feels like to be awarded so young for your creativity? Can you do it in your style, in poetic form?

To be frank, I did not really care or obsess over the fact I achieved an award I acknowledge it though and it definitely would not remain ignored It motivates me to write more day after day on my own accord

Hahaha! That was awesome!

I know another young author, Simon Elson, who published his first novel a few months ago, born out of several poems he wrote. He decided to unite them and turn them into a dark dystopian novel. Would you like to write stories one day? Or maybe you're already writing short stories?

In future I wish to write fantasy stories full of twists and turns and areas where people are nail-biting and on the edge of their seat. It would definitely be quite fun and a great pastime for me.

What plans do you have for the future? Are you working on a third book? What do you dream of?

I hope to publish more books in the future with Aurora House and yes, I am working on a third book. I dream of writing more and hoping to make something that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Poetry is a very special kind of work, which nowadays is appreciated by a few who are in love with rhymes and romanticism. I find it remarkable that a teenager is interested in this and publishes books at this early age. What do your friends and classmates think about your poetry?

Well I’m not too interested in romanticism, haha but, I do enjoy rhyming poems. I don’t really mention or discuss my poetry with my mates too much but they think it’s a cool thing I do on the side of life.

This is your second book, and I congratulate you on your drive and consistency. Your family must be proud of you. Who is the person who stands next to you in every step and supports you in your path as a young poet?

My mum is with me every step of the way and encourages me to become better and write more poetry. My family is definitely proud of me and I appreciate their love and it pushes me to get better and better everyday.

Tell us more about yourself? What are you interested in, and how is your life going nowadays? Do you like to play computer games like most children your age? Do you train some sport? Anything you want to share with us.

Vansh Sharma young poet and his dog

My life is going superb nowadays and I love playing and training in volleyball and basketball. They are my true passions as well as playing video games such as Valorant, CS:GO, Minecraft and Mario-kart.

Do you already have favorite poets and writers who make your breath stop and you long for his/her words? What genre of books do you like to read?

I love reading fantasy and fiction novels especially from Suzanne Collins. I think the Hunger Games are an awesome series that play with the audience’s emotions. Also, I absolutely love ‘Composed upon Westminster Bridge’ by the renowned decorated poet, William Wordsworth.

Share with us something curious, strange, or funny about yourself, other than being an excellent young poet?

Haha, thanks for the appreciation. Something strange about me would be that I love horror movies and adrenaline boosting experiences such as terrifying roller coasters and I wish to go skydiving someday soon.

You are a very conscious boy; I believe you are an old soul born many times on this planet. What would you change in this world if you had a significant influence on people? What message do you want to give to the world?

Well, if I did have a significant influence in the world, I would persuade everyone to make me the leader of the earth and grant every single person three wishes and see what turns out from the world. A message I want to give to everyone is to do what excites, create the most flexible life they can and to be the best humanitarians.

* * *

Vansh Sharma, thank you very much for this lovely conversation and be our guest on the blog. I wish you a bright future, and I expect you to conquer high peaks in this life.

And to our readers and lovers of great books and poetry, I leave a link to the personal website of Vansh Sharma and where they can buy your two poetry books - Life And a Glass Of Milk and Poetry And Hot Chocolate.

Enjoy! The world needs more young artists who create beauty. Be yourself, change this reality for the better.



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