Illustrated Printable Book Journal - Artsy Planner

In this unnecessarily fast-paced world, we need just that - a little art and a lot of literature. And a valuable journal to accompany us to other realities. I'm talking about books, of course ... or maybe not!?

Hello, book lovers! I have great news!

If you like to keep a journal and write down everything related to the books you read, including writing reviews, ratings, or transcribing quotes to remember in time ... then you will love this one, especially if you like cute illustrations to beautify your space.

I have had this Etsy store for at least a year, I guess, but only now I have uploaded what I created it for - a printable book journal or a reading planner with essential sections - Reading Challenge, Book Review, Book Page for the important notes, Favorite Quotes, Great Books, Did Not Finish Books Page (Yes, I think some of us need that, me included 😂), and of course a Library Tracker.

Although at 40, and probably in the eyes of 20-year-olds will look like an "old woman", hahaha, I will always see the world through the eyes of a child - a child who dreams and lives in a parallel universe with magical adventures in her favorite novels. That's why I illustrated in the pages of this reader's planner, books from which the magic springs. That's why I called it "Curly Tales" 😊

Remarkably, human consciousness is growing. It is not one of those things that you can measure by evaluation or accumulated facts in your mind. If you could remember how you thought a year ago and how you perceived the world then, we would notice a change by comparing ourselves now and in the past. And the only way to do that is by writing down those thoughts or quotes that impress us as we race through the letters of our book journeys.

Some people ask me why I do it ... why do I rewrite beautiful phrases or wise words in notebooks? To feel this shift in consciousness that grows with each book I read, with each powerful experience in our lives.

I don't remember what I thought 15-20 years ago, but when I open these pages, the written words take me back to that point in time-space. That's why it's a beneficial habit to have a journal or planner near you.

Why do I prefer to use a printable planner instead of ready-made ones sold in stores?

I've bought different journals over the years. They were all pretty dull, but that's a separate issue. The problem is that you can't control the number of pages you will use, and there will always be sections or unnecessary pages that you will not use at all. At the same time, I never managed to find something that met my expectations. That's why I started creating my own designed pages for planning. I wanted my diary to have sweetness and magic, to be a beautiful space to talk about art and literature.

The Book Journal contains 17 diffrent pages: 3 illustrated covers + 14 unique pages + 6 additional pages with size after the cut A5 and Half Letter.

Download - Print - Cut in Half & Enjoy! 😊

I will be glad to share your thoughts and leave a review so more people can see and use the book journal in their everyday lives.

You could coloring the small cute illustrations in the bookish pages or use the planner as it is. THANK YOU for buying it and helping my journey as an artist. 🙏✨

I hope you like it! Happy planning Visit my Etsy Shop

Oh did I mention that for ONE week it’s going at 40% off? 📚☕✍

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